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No Sins for A Man to Feel Bad

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp No Sins for A Man to Feel Wronged
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp It is said that nice people are bullied and docile horses are ridden, I had got a deep experience of how the saying happening to me. As a man, I should be a husband of indomitable spirit, instead, I had to swallow an insult in my family of mother-in-law. At first, I intended to keep my temper and patience to protect a complete family for my wife, but there always lies a knife penetrating in my heart when I chose to stoop, alas!
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sometimes, I couldn’t help thinking if my weak character gave them space to be presumptuous, it should not be so worse than now if I had taken unyielding measures.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Well, my story sounds very ashamed, and you will feel ashamed to when it was to be related; but it will drive me mad if I kept depressive pains in heart, I wanna give you a hint to warn you not be trapped in the same trouble.
I am a man of limited educational background; youngster as I was, I was off my hometown to earn money by doing works as welder, fitment worker, pipeliner etc…….but one of most successful jobs in my careers was insurance salesman, bringing me much money that time, and one year later, I worked in a state-owned enterprise via a friend’s introduce, that is the place where I met my wife now, XiaoRui. She is introverted, very kind and considerable. We had been dating for one year and a half, and got along very well.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp XiaoRui is a local girl whose family was near the work place and was better off than me. And I often went to her home, helping her family to do rough work like a laborer, thus I was contented by her mother. The bilateral families eventually sat down together to settle engagement of us; at the end of 2005, XiaoRui and I got the marriage certificate.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The room of XiaoRui was spacious, we didn’t buy another new house after married, my mother-in-law picked up a living room for us, and new furniture was added too. I am easily content, at the meantime, I also felt somewhat compunctious to get a wife without payment. To repay the kindness of parents-in-law, I was obligated to work with all my might. I volunteered to wash, cook, sweep etc. as soon as I came off my work. And all seems so peaceful till the little sister of XiaoRui arrived.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp XiaoRui has a younger sister who studied in a college in another city, her sister only came to the family in Spring Festival; little did they meet in a whole year, and this time, her sister graduated from school, she had to face the problem finding a job, and thus the trouble appeared.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The lifetime was tortuous, hardly can a couple get along well for ever, it is normal for a couple fell into same little dispute. The situation became more complex when the little sister came back. Generally speaking, she gave me a pleasant impression initially, knowing that she was sharp mouthed but tender hearted, a person of frankness. What exceeded my imagination is the sharpness of mouth.
The sister brought her boyfriend to my home, and I wanna establish my “perfect personality” before them, I rushed purposefully here and there for helping them to find a job, but she didn’t in the least appreciate my eagerness to help. This was what she said to me: “ I never saw a big man live in a family of his mother-in-law, you loser!” I felt uncomfortably , didn’t wanna stoop to the same level as her. And then, she gave me another words: “ you loser were better to divorce earlier if you couldn’t sustain my family.”
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Half year after married, Xiaorui was pregnant. I bought an auto-washer to lest my wife was too tired of household works. Her sister, however, was lazy and reluctant to wash by herself, she threw her and her bf’s clothes including her underwear into the washer, and did nothing about her duty clothes of became smelly, and I took them all out of the washer, but this induced her sister’s accusation, she quarreled with me, saying that I was of Greek gift to peep at her underwear.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp My mother-in-law always fueled in the fire, saying to that I was a losser, she ordered sister to turn off the washer, letting me wash by hands. I really wanted a fight with her sister, considering that Xiaorui was still pregnant, I chose to keep silent. This silence, undoubtedly, inflated their arrogance.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp I and Xiaorui eventually planned to rent a house outside after I got the news that my father was severe ill, and needed to be carefully look after. Because my father never went to my mother-in-law’s family, he even didn’t know which the directions were open to.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp However, the plan of renting a house was opposed severely by them. My mother-in-law didn’t agree for Xiaorui is to deliver a baby soon, and I need work outside, the absence of personal care wasn’t allowed. I had to tell her the truth that I must receive my father here, but what mother-in-law said was so vacious:” what shall we do if your father was dead of illness here?” her words were really offensive, I had to retort that she was lack of humanity, however, the quarrel was ended in compromise on my side.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Dream of taking care of my father didn’t come true, I was of great guilty conscience, I asked for time off to look after my father as the only atonement. The fact was that Xiaorui actually gave birth to my daughter during the days when I was outside.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Early in the morning, my mother-in-law told me the birth of my daughter via cellphone, I was glad and hurried to the hospital, well I couldn’t find the trace of Xiaorui anywhere, I asked the doctor who was filled with righteous indignation. The doctor told me Xiaorui demanded being discharged from hospital after delivering and he never saw those kind of parents. I was so angry, Xiaorui was their natural daughter, and the family did never poor as pauper, how could that be they were careless of their daughter’s life to save money?
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp I went home hurriedly, and thanks to God, peace was with my wife and my baby, which indeed consoled me a lot. My father-in-law was displeased by the birth of my daughter for he stuck to want a son. He suggested that the daughter must be adopted by neighbors. It was unimaginable that my father-in-law would speak out those cold words to the family. So I fought for my right to bring up my daughter, and insisted that I and Xiaorui should leave these unhappy family at once; they threatened that they cut off all the contact with us and never meet again in the future if we chose to leave home. Xiaorui shed tears with deep affliction, and I even couldn’t help crying with great suffer make my heart bleed. Alas, when would these embarrassments be put in end?

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